Woodwork, Millwork, wood fixtures, Corian, Alucobond, Alucore. Lumisheet,  Phil Design Ltd, store fixture


Because your projects are different and require flexibility in production and installation, Creaction has built partnerships with key manufacturing companies and workshops in Miami, Mexico or China to support you where you need it most – at the point of sale. From custom furniture to series of objects, Creaction Design Group and its partners are able to address the whole range of your needs to outfit your most creative retail spaces.

With a proven experience with both traditional materials (millwork, aluminum, steel, glass, etc.) and advanced technologies (LumiSheet®, Alucobond®, Dibond®, Corian®…), Creaction Design Group can help you develop all your project from self-standing units and accessories all the way to shop-in-shops, boutiques and store fronts.